Time is just an illusion !!!

Time is timeless and constant

Monday to Sunday

January to December

2000 to 3000

Night to morning

Winter to summer

It’s just repetition of something

Just the way our brain

Play the same memory record again and again

Something spouts somewhere

A mushroom

A flower

A plant

A cloud

A human

And one day it all ends

But the record of life in the background

Goes on and on and on…

We cannot hold the time

We can only imagine to hold on to it

With our tiny repetitive memories

Lived by n number of people

Who already left the earth

Time is just an illusion

Created by us

To not fall in the black hole of present

Because it’s always was present, will be present and is present

Monday Blues!

Blue jeans because why not,

we are not going to go to office after all.

Dark paradise as that’s where my home resides

I am safe inside here

No need to go to office lime light

Where everyone judge you left and right.


Society is made of set of genre

Everyone picks one to life

But I wanna hop to all

Guess that’s why gonna change my mask

Every now and then

Can I hold all genre in me?

No no baby you are not allowed to do that


You are asking too much from the society

Lets continue the game of hopping

And hide and seek!!!