That vicious circle

You change house

You change location

You change city or country

You cannot get rid of certain memories

They say be positive

They say all is well

They say time heals

They say many more things

Nothing is true

The truth is knowledge can be upgraded in your brain

Love for a flower can be changed in your heart

Love for a person which you did not choose

But was decided by universe

Cannot be changed

It stays there forever, you stop talking about it

People stop calling you crazy emotional

The truth is they also are in same situation

But not ready to accept it

This “feeling” do not have any gender, It neutral

It gives pain and happiness

Then why we only want happiness?

Why we never dream for pain?

We need to learn to accept both gracefully

This vicious circle of society goes on

New empire, New rule

I laugh and laugh and laugh

Because I am just another human


Haunted by those path

There will be time when your admirers will go,

There will be time people will not like you,

There will be time people will not respond,

There will be time they will praise you

There will be time they worship you


This is something happens all the time with everyone

You could be in both ends

Receiving and giving

The hero and the villain

Or no one.


Do not apprehend  

We all need to be there in some point of our life

That hero some day

That villain some day

And no one on other days


Contemplate in this way

Would not you want to walk all the journey?

Because being only one of them is not gratifying

It will make you jealous of the world walking all path

And those endless question

Why we could not be like others will haunt you forever

Do not Rush Time…

There will be many storms passing

And she will be left bitter, sad and alone

She shall still continue to hold on to hope

Run, an inner voice bellowed

Holding on to her foot long faded grayish blue gown by side

She ran as fast as she could

But the flow of the river pulled her back

Those river always flows backward

They are full of whim

And has the power to suffocate with a tiny hunk from past

Which has no life, no meaning

She thought she could manipulate the weather

But she were manipulated by the strong wind

Her thirst increases where she paint those hunk

With much brighter color

Only to bring more pinching pain to her soul

Those memories are transporting the demon back

They are called melancholy  

They can never be escaped as she continue to run

Holding on to the demon can save her now and ever

But its only known to the winds

Remorse, remorse, remorse

Uproar all the chilly wind flowing around

And all she knows her current heart is a ghost

Full of passion, solitude, ignominy, vanity, betrayal

And she continue to run!!!

And She is waiting…

I do not know if you feel the same way.

I do not know what you feel at all.

I just know that you are always in hurry.

Hurry to reach on top of the world

In the form of career, money, happy photos and so on

I also know most of us are in the same race

But in the process do you know that I don’t know what you truly want.

I have told you thousand times what I want but I don’t know what you want

Is that you yourself do not know what you want

Or what we see is actually what you want?

Do you don’t feel the need of connection

Connection with those few people whom you can expect anytime around

Or you really want to do all the things alone

Showing the world you don’t need anyone even in your lows

Or do you want to become a person who will never be touched by the lows

Well that’s not possible as non on the earth can be untouched by the low.

Without the lows we will never raise

A wise men said once, there is always reason for everything

Then why cannot there be a reason for us to move together

I am just waiting to find the reason

To accept that we were never meant to be together

Or waiting for a reason

To open our eyes to show the bigger picture

About which I am totally unaware!!!

The wait shall continue

But I shall never lose my hope!!!

Soul walk continues!!!

She was confident standing there

she felt, she did right

abandoning those thoughts, people and place

She was once again on her own

Abducted in the aroma of those words

Walking bare foot, eyes closed

As she knew where she was headed

It was a rule already in there

She just had to abide

To reach where she was destine to

The wolfs have protected eyes on her

And the beast too lazy to jump on

But did all this really matter?

As now the time has come

Time to shut done all the ray

To abloom on the path

Path continue to long for her

And the tall stood tree gathered together to bow her

The misty wind is naughty again

And just the brush to her make that woo sound

Not to her but bring shiver everywhere

Flowers, thorns, leafs, mud and each particle on the earth

Want to rip away her beautifully stitched hazel attire

As its time, her soul come out to meet them.

But its step by step before she reaches that point

Soul shall be tortured to be purified

To be ready

For the new dimension

No soul should cross that long frozen bridge

Before each particle has been ripped

And ready to reunite

And the walk continues!!!

We cannot be friends anymore!!!

You want to be still friends

But then there is no meaning to it

Just the way a traveler needs to continue

Even if he finds the best river to stay

And make a home he always dreamt of

He cannot stay!!!

We cannot continue to be friends

As I am not in old years any more

And want more from life

Want more from me

You are still in that old world

Ignoring the current world

Want to stay in your well

And any addition to your life

Made you feel, I want things my way

But that’s not truth

I want you to explore the world with me

Only to find out my every attempt

Made you thing, I want things my way

If we start to think in that direction

Than you have used me for life time

As I have not learnt or gain anything from you

But you got all you wanted from me

It was easy for you to say: “do not interfere”

I will not and so do you!

You took our relation as a task

But I took it as a connection

And I would not want to be with you

Until you understand at least the least

That this relation is just a relation for me

And not what you think

Yes, it was said out loud

Those years does not matter

But only those time when we can

Catch each other’s heart

And it was also said out clearly

Everything changes in life

Except the “CHANGE” which stay constant

I wait for another change hoping to bring good

only to find myself left alone again!!!


It was unknown as the wind struck her hair
Butterflies in her stomach were still asleep

Yes, there was a crowed after a long time
That made her happy
Happy to see more people, new people
She feels that we are a part of crowed
And it’s our part to cherish it

But then came a beautiful slap

It was not expected from a long time
And she did not know what to do

Confuse just like a pearl in a big ocean
Waited and waited and did what a pearl would do
She let herself swap in the waves only to reach a place

Place so beautiful that she could not come to help

And fell in the moment, in those eyes
They were brief yet strong enough to leave here mesmerize
And the universe can guaranty
That those eyes too were in the moment!!!

She wanted more and more

But was scared of an unknown fear
Fear that she never understood but stopped her

She did not lose hope
She did get another beautiful moment
But again her fear came covering
She did not lose her hope once again
And continued to wait!!!

The butterflies in her stomach are now awake
And she shall not let them sleep now
never again!!!

Yet another path to take before she makes it

As she stands in the end and yet in front of two path

It is she who needs to decide

For which one to follow

Both path have things to serve but will change

Based on her previous path

She is still standing in the middle of that confusion

Decide yet another path as she walks, she is happy

Happy to choose differently

As it is unique, unique in her eye

Yes, she is travelling and travelling

But doubt has started to cloud

These cloud question her on her choice

But she waves them away

Clouds still follow her

But it’s time again to make a choice as she is

Once again at the end

Leaving satisfied yet hungry enough to go on

And she goes on

As there is nothing wrong or right

For what soul goes through

Negative energy shall meet positive energy

And shall balance the universe

But she thinks she is important

And she shall think so

So as to pursue her life given to her

It’s her duty to feel important in her eye

And walk the journey she meant to complete

Before the soul goes away satisfied

Time is just an illusion !!!

Time is timeless and constant

Monday to Sunday

January to December

2000 to 3000

Night to morning

Winter to summer

It’s just repetition of something

Just the way our brain

Play the same memory record again and again

Something spouts somewhere

A mushroom

A flower

A plant

A cloud

A human

And one day it all ends

But the record of life in the background

Goes on and on and on…

We cannot hold the time

We can only imagine to hold on to it

With our tiny repetitive memories

Lived by n number of people

Who already left the earth

Time is just an illusion

Created by us

To not fall in the black hole of present

Because it’s always was present, will be present and is present

Monday Blues!

Blue jeans because why not,

we are not going to go to office after all.

Dark paradise as that’s where my home resides

I am safe inside here

No need to go to office lime light

Where everyone judge you left and right.


Society is made of set of genre

Everyone picks one to life

But I wanna hop to all

Guess that’s why gonna change my mask

Every now and then

Can I hold all genre in me?

No no baby you are not allowed to do that


You are asking too much from the society

Lets continue the game of hopping

And hide and seek!!!