That vicious circle

You change house

You change location

You change city or country

You cannot get rid of certain memories

They say be positive

They say all is well

They say time heals

They say many more things

Nothing is true

The truth is knowledge can be upgraded in your brain

Love for a flower can be changed in your heart

Love for a person which you did not choose

But was decided by universe

Cannot be changed

It stays there forever, you stop talking about it

People stop calling you crazy emotional

The truth is they also are in same situation

But not ready to accept it

This “feeling” do not have any gender, It neutral

It gives pain and happiness

Then why we only want happiness?

Why we never dream for pain?

We need to learn to accept both gracefully

This vicious circle of society goes on

New empire, New rule

I laugh and laugh and laugh

Because I am just another human

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