That vicious circle

You change house

You change location

You change city or country

You cannot get rid of certain memories

They say be positive

They say all is well

They say time heals

They say many more things

Nothing is true

The truth is knowledge can be upgraded in your brain

Love for a flower can be changed in your heart

Love for a person which you did not choose

But was decided by universe

Cannot be changed

It stays there forever, you stop talking about it

People stop calling you crazy emotional

The truth is they also are in same situation

But not ready to accept it

This “feeling” do not have any gender, It neutral

It gives pain and happiness

Then why we only want happiness?

Why we never dream for pain?

We need to learn to accept both gracefully

This vicious circle of society goes on

New empire, New rule

I laugh and laugh and laugh

Because I am just another human


The Winter !!!

I do love rain but if there is a season which I love the most is WINTER. I am lucky enough to witness many types of winter in my life journey and hoping to witness many more.

Let me share my experience of best winter so far.

Coming from India, a diverse country not only in culture but weather wise too. One can find different weather in different region. I have traveled the 4 corners of the country I.e; north- south, east- west. And enjoyed winter in all region. North has all the season to its extreme and south has all the season to a little less extreme but as we move form place to place, it changes and bring new flavors. And so far I have enjoyed Rajasthan’s winter the most. A place of sand and castles.

Let me share some facts from google.

Fossils Discovered Indicate Rajasthan Desert Was Submerged Under Sea 47 Million Years Ago. Also, it was found that thousands of years ago, Saravasti river would course through the Thar Desert on its way to the Indian Ocean. However, some studies suggest that the increasing dry climatic conditions of the Thar choked up the river.

There is a lot to it and if you enjoy history, do google about it.

Back to weather and my love for winter, the climate in the Thar desert is like any other desert. Hot in the day and cool at night. The summer days are way much hotter but the nights are cool and the winter days are warm but the nights are colder. And that’s what I love about the place. Wandering around in the day time, enjoying the little activity going around, enjoy being out, relishing greasy food and in cold night enjoy the warmth of my home with hot cup of ginger tea after dinner and watching the only show coming on TV with family.

Those memories are so fresh.

Then there are days when my sister and I playing in the courtyard in the beautiful sunny afternoon and have kulfi from the local cart vendor. Having cold stuff in the winter afternoon taste much better than having them in summer sunny afternoon. And when tired, lay under the sun and enjoy the warmth. The warm wind blowing would melt all our thoughts leaving us at the moment as if we are in meditation.

Many more stories to go before next winter comes. Hoping to share few more from my bucket of stories.