Review : The Spy

Did you wonder what happened to those famous people back then. This book will provide you the opportunity to know about one of those famous personalities. “MATA HARI” !!!

Book: The Spy

Author: Paulo Coelho

Page: 181

Genre: Biographical Fiction

Other books by this Author: 20+

A very different book from Paulo Cohleo’s shelf. For the very 1st time he dedicated the book to a woman “Mata Hari”. The book is a collection of pieces of Mata Hari’s life modified from writer’s point of view. There are other books and will give different flavor about the person but no one can 100% tell the truth about her since there are no such information available but mere assumptions.

Story starts with Mata hari’s execution which brings pain, curiosity and a genuine interest to know what let her to this point. Anticipating reader’s mind, writer take us and slowly move to the birth of Mata Hari where she was born as “Margartha Zelle”, gone through abuse in a very young age, get married, have kids, face constant abuse, lose a child and finally leave everything behind and start a new life in Paris. Her hope and survival instinct are so high that she never gives up and take every obstacle as an opportunity.  Taking risk becomes her 2nd hobby until the day she is asked to become a Spy. She is not really interested but need the money which she gets and makes her take another big risk of playing double agent. No sure evidence shown of her being double agent and it goes unclear till the end leaving us to choose the story we want for Mata Hari.

Shown the cruelty of world, how everything is uncertain, how no one is sure of anything especially when it’s a war zone. Every decision is just a decision. No right. No wrong. If decision goes right, the person taken the decision is considered right and if the decision is gone wrong the same person can be put in jail or in fact be executed.

I have enjoyed the book since I read it fresh without keeping any expectation. If we cloud our mind with the expectation of Paulo’s regular writing than this book is a definite disappointment.

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