Review: Animal Farm

If you are looking for a light book with lot of weight-age, do grab this one…

Book: Animal Farm

Author: George Orwell

Pages: 82

Fav non main Character : Donkey

The story beings with Old major (pig) sharing his dream and dies. Animal then take charge of the animal farm in England they have been living. Through out the book, it talks about animals, changes in their leadership and other animal working round the leadership.

A book which can be read by children and adult since its short and give meaningful story to both in their own way. Its book bring out more flavor if the same person read it as a child and reread as an adult. It will make more sense and bring more joy.

Reading as an adult, the whole book is presented in metaphoric form. And one cannot know the connection if does not know much about the actual story of Russian Revolution. But the book will still give a lot about the political situations goes around in the world. One can learn a lot about human kind and where they stand in this world based on power, intellegence and hatd work. There are some powerful situation which is still valid today and surely will be valid in future forever.

There was nothing to reas in between the lines thought since everything is given very clearly.

Loved the way Mr. Donkey, kept neutral. Many may say why he did not share the ending with all aminals when he knew. I personally feel, he knew no one will believe and its best that everyone go through.

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