Review : Of Magpies and Men

Looking for thriller & suspense?? Grab “Of Magpies and Men” by Ode Ray @authoroderay which is releasing on 2nd Feb 2021.

Thank you Author Ode Ray for sending me an ARC (advance readers copy).

Story starts from Italian village with two unknown body found near sea and drastically moves to a new scene and again movies to a new place with different character. This keeps the reader hooked and curious at the same time. I constantly guessed the next plot only to find a totally juicy twist full of humor which made me laugh and cry in differnt occassions.

Throughout the story, I found many shades of emotion from love, acceptance, betrayal, sadness, fear and so on anr felt way connected to all the character. Its difficult to say whom I liked the most. I was so engrossed that I felt being there in the situation. And ending is like finally finding the key to the door I have been standing from such long time.

A must read book 👍

I am itching to give spoiler but will hold on until the release of the book.

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