Review: The story of a long distance marriage

Looking for an easy read in the weekend or while travelling, this is a good grab. Average reader can read it in a day with ease.

Book: The story of a long distance marriage

Author : Siddhesh Inamdar

Page: 176

Genre: Romance/contemporary Fiction

Favorite punch: What do you call sarson da saag that’s been left in the fridge for two days? – Parson da saag 😀

My favorite non- main character: Tanuj actually Momo ❤

Other books by this Author: None

Ira is leaving for New York for higher studies and the long distance marriage start from the start of the book. From there how Rohan manages his life alone have been painted beautifully. Those small detail of the argument with neighbor, handling Momo (his dog), coming back to an empty house, showing love for wife on social media and so on. The turns are smooth and show us the different phases of Rohan’s life. How few friends are for forever, how he misses his wife, how he start to feel low and how hard he try to bring his life to normal.

Finally, blaming his wife for current situation which slowly turn to blaming self. Not able to find answers to his question which finally answered by his wife in the last few pages.

Reader will never get bored while reading the book since it looks simple and predictable yet fresh. The book is divided into 10 chapters but we still do not know what comes next.

Over all I would rate it **** (4/5 stars). It could have got 5 if the title of the book made more sense. The title says “The story of a long distance marriage” and my expectation was to hear about both the party’s story (husband and wife) but it was more of Rohan’s story where the mention of his wife was rare. I mean literally rare. “The story of Rohan in a long distance marriage” would have been more apt.

Writer held on to protagonist’s emotion throughout the book which if left a little would have made us cry. You know we all love a little drama 😀

If we do not look into the title and the missing drama than its perfect!


Recently, I saw one of my fav instagrammer who is from London was learning dosa from her Indian friend and it brought back memories of my way of learning dosa. I am still not 100% good at it because the trick is super tricky.

Now if you are a south Indian, you will say, what’s the big deal in making dosa? Since it’s in their DNA. But the rest of the world do not feel the same way especially when cooking is not in their priority list.

I come in the 2nd category where cooking is more of necessity than passion. And so it took me some time to get my hands on it. Let me share some secret tips I learnt by burning many dosas.

  1. If you have only one tava which you use for making roti and dosa too. Be careful, if tava is not greased well before making dosa, then dosa is going to get stick to tava like any leech to a human leg. And that will lead to a log of work
  2. If you use too much oil after the 1st greasing then your dosa is gonna die way before it could even be served. So a big no no to to much oil.
  3. Here comes the fire. You will need to keep it on check. If you have a thin tava and it heats up easily then after laying the dosa batter on the tava, reduce the flame.
  4. To make another dosa if the tava looks like cooling off then increase the heat again and this process goes on and on
  5. If using an iron tava, keep the flame mostly high since iron tava take time to cool off or heat up.
  6. Now comes the magic and that is to never flip your dosa… once you lay down your dosa like a sleeping baby on bed, no more touching… But do add some comfort oil in the corner of the dosa to easily scoop up once your dosa is ready to go
  7. Most importantly, which we all ignore… How to lay the dosa. Too much or too less pressure is a big failure. Have a balance when you put the batter on the tava and rotate either clockwise or anti-clock wise. This is something to practice or you will never get it.

Those are few of my secret tips but again every vessel of every kitchen is different like our DNA. Do try and try and try until you get it.

Happy making DOSA !!!

Haunted by those path

There will be time when your admirers will go,

There will be time people will not like you,

There will be time people will not respond,

There will be time they will praise you

There will be time they worship you


This is something happens all the time with everyone

You could be in both ends

Receiving and giving

The hero and the villain

Or no one.


Do not apprehend  

We all need to be there in some point of our life

That hero some day

That villain some day

And no one on other days


Contemplate in this way

Would not you want to walk all the journey?

Because being only one of them is not gratifying

It will make you jealous of the world walking all path

And those endless question

Why we could not be like others will haunt you forever