The Ramen from Korea

They say, there is a fine line between passion and obsession and I think I have gaily crossed that thin line and cavort from passion to obsession. I am not guilty about it at all.

We all have that one place we want to be in without challenging any of our outrageous desire but be in the moment. Having Ramen in Korea is one of those passion I have been holding up from long and it clearly have turned into obsession during the pandemic when I know I yet have many more months, days, nights, hours to be in that moment.

And when you are obsessed you wanna create a situation replicating the actual one which by the way never occurs. Your brain happily shoot up the image and make it look much beautiful then it actually going to be. Your heart raise faster then needed and after a lot of straggle between your heart and brain you finally take that decision.

Yes, I did it and ordered the RAMEN only. Thank god to today’s technology that I could get it in my comfort without travelling 1000’s of miles.

There are 5 pack of different flavor and I am once again confuse which one to go with 1st. While, I take another long road to decide on that and share the final product with you all.

Hold on to it till then… you will not be disappointed !!!

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