Travel- A lot more then the word…

Travel is much more then given in the definition. The whole meaning changes when associate with a particular human being. And the meaning enriches as the human come from different country.

And as the human being evolve, travel evolves too and bring a total new flavor to it.

Yes, I am a traveler and my journey is much more important than my destination. This journey could be the walk from my home to the super market or the journey from my country to a whole new country.

Walking and absorbing the surrounding and getting a whole new prospective with every inhale of the air of information, my database changes.

And while in the early morning thinking of Durga puja which is going to be different then ever took me back to the days I did a lot of pandal hopping. Yes, this time there will be no pandal hopping there will be no buying of new saree, there will be no more excitement. But I will make my Durga puja memorable because I am determine to do so by turning the pages backwards and walking those path again.

Right now I am in that time… time where I stand happily in the line of getting bhog, laughing, drinking in the loud Durga Maa enchanting of the Mantras… And suddenly I am distracted, distracted by the conversation the two guys are having about my current company.

I increased the listening power, cancelling all other noise but their. I love my company BTW and its always mesmerizing to hear other’s opinion.

Well they did not much appreciated the company and thought my company will not survive the current acquisition since the acquiring company is much bigger than our company. I am still in my company and my company is doing well and did further more acquisitions.

Sometimes, its our personal hope not dented by anyone’s opinion is the hope all we need.

Awaiting for Durga Puja….

Jai Jai Maa

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