And She is waiting…

I do not know if you feel the same way.

I do not know what you feel at all.

I just know that you are always in hurry.

Hurry to reach on top of the world

In the form of career, money, happy photos and so on

I also know most of us are in the same race

But in the process do you know that I don’t know what you truly want.

I have told you thousand times what I want but I don’t know what you want

Is that you yourself do not know what you want

Or what we see is actually what you want?

Do you don’t feel the need of connection

Connection with those few people whom you can expect anytime around

Or you really want to do all the things alone

Showing the world you don’t need anyone even in your lows

Or do you want to become a person who will never be touched by the lows

Well that’s not possible as non on the earth can be untouched by the low.

Without the lows we will never raise

A wise men said once, there is always reason for everything

Then why cannot there be a reason for us to move together

I am just waiting to find the reason

To accept that we were never meant to be together

Or waiting for a reason

To open our eyes to show the bigger picture

About which I am totally unaware!!!

The wait shall continue

But I shall never lose my hope!!!

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