Down the Lane!!!

Dear Chiyo,

Today while in market, I decided to go to the our favorite lane and it was a good decision.

While I walked down the lane in the autumn afternoon, the smell of drying leaf took me down to my memory lane. Sun was shining over and the breeze has become considerably cold which brought a chill and I wrapped my arms around me tightly.

Walking in there with no vehicle passing by, the only sound I could hear was the sound of dead leafs moving in all direction near my foot. Carefully keeping my each step to try to reduce the round of mur mur, did not help but it did ease my mind. I was soaked in the moment and took deep breaths to fill my lungs with the aroma of the moment.

I did not realize and was standing at the gate of the park we went many times. I gave few thoughts and finally decided to enter the park. Took a round and looked around, enjoying the view and finally settled on an empty bench. For a long time I just looked into the distant with blank mind and then took out the book I was carrying.

I will not tell you the name of the book because I know you will google about it and I will then not have the opportunity to tell you my version of this book. Until I finish the book, stay curious.

Your Love

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