Soul walk continues!!!

She was confident standing there

she felt, she did right

abandoning those thoughts, people and place

She was once again on her own

Abducted in the aroma of those words

Walking bare foot, eyes closed

As she knew where she was headed

It was a rule already in there

She just had to abide

To reach where she was destine to

The wolfs have protected eyes on her

And the beast too lazy to jump on

But did all this really matter?

As now the time has come

Time to shut done all the ray

To abloom on the path

Path continue to long for her

And the tall stood tree gathered together to bow her

The misty wind is naughty again

And just the brush to her make that woo sound

Not to her but bring shiver everywhere

Flowers, thorns, leafs, mud and each particle on the earth

Want to rip away her beautifully stitched hazel attire

As its time, her soul come out to meet them.

But its step by step before she reaches that point

Soul shall be tortured to be purified

To be ready

For the new dimension

No soul should cross that long frozen bridge

Before each particle has been ripped

And ready to reunite

And the walk continues!!!

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