We cannot be friends anymore!!!

You want to be still friends

But then there is no meaning to it

Just the way a traveler needs to continue

Even if he finds the best river to stay

And make a home he always dreamt of

He cannot stay!!!

We cannot continue to be friends

As I am not in old years any more

And want more from life

Want more from me

You are still in that old world

Ignoring the current world

Want to stay in your well

And any addition to your life

Made you feel, I want things my way

But that’s not truth

I want you to explore the world with me

Only to find out my every attempt

Made you thing, I want things my way

If we start to think in that direction

Than you have used me for life time

As I have not learnt or gain anything from you

But you got all you wanted from me

It was easy for you to say: “do not interfere”

I will not and so do you!

You took our relation as a task

But I took it as a connection

And I would not want to be with you

Until you understand at least the least

That this relation is just a relation for me

And not what you think

Yes, it was said out loud

Those years does not matter

But only those time when we can

Catch each other’s heart

And it was also said out clearly

Everything changes in life

Except the “CHANGE” which stay constant

I wait for another change hoping to bring good

only to find myself left alone again!!!

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