1st letter after you have gone

Dear Chiyo,

Its been only few weeks that you have left but it feels ages. I have missed you more then anything.

Every when i leave home to catch the train, I am enthusiastic. By the time I board the train and settle in my seat, i am still enthusiastic. I take out my ipod and select our favorite song “Who let the dogs out”, play it in full volume. By the time i have listen to it for more the 5 times, I have already made a note of the things I am going to discuss with you.

My stop comes, i get down only to realize you are not waiting to join me anymore. My enthusiasm starts to die and I walk towards the college. Changing the songs mindlessly in ipod without really knowing what i am listening to any more.

I need to write more and need to post this letter but I am not enthusiastic about this too.

Until then…

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