It was unknown as the wind struck her hair
Butterflies in her stomach were still asleep

Yes, there was a crowed after a long time
That made her happy
Happy to see more people, new people
She feels that we are a part of crowed
And it’s our part to cherish it

But then came a beautiful slap

It was not expected from a long time
And she did not know what to do

Confuse just like a pearl in a big ocean
Waited and waited and did what a pearl would do
She let herself swap in the waves only to reach a place

Place so beautiful that she could not come to help

And fell in the moment, in those eyes
They were brief yet strong enough to leave here mesmerize
And the universe can guaranty
That those eyes too were in the moment!!!

She wanted more and more

But was scared of an unknown fear
Fear that she never understood but stopped her

She did not lose hope
She did get another beautiful moment
But again her fear came covering
She did not lose her hope once again
And continued to wait!!!

The butterflies in her stomach are now awake
And she shall not let them sleep now
never again!!!

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