Yet another path to take before she makes it

As she stands in the end and yet in front of two path

It is she who needs to decide

For which one to follow

Both path have things to serve but will change

Based on her previous path

She is still standing in the middle of that confusion

Decide yet another path as she walks, she is happy

Happy to choose differently

As it is unique, unique in her eye

Yes, she is travelling and travelling

But doubt has started to cloud

These cloud question her on her choice

But she waves them away

Clouds still follow her

But it’s time again to make a choice as she is

Once again at the end

Leaving satisfied yet hungry enough to go on

And she goes on

As there is nothing wrong or right

For what soul goes through

Negative energy shall meet positive energy

And shall balance the universe

But she thinks she is important

And she shall think so

So as to pursue her life given to her

It’s her duty to feel important in her eye

And walk the journey she meant to complete

Before the soul goes away satisfied

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